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Tower of Heaven impressions and new game: Depict1

Posted by mirosurabu - August 5th, 2010

Hello everyone!

I'm quite delighted that so many peopleenjoyed Tower of Heaven! I have to admit I didn't expect such a well reception and it definitively proved me that Newgrounds is a portal with a really diverse audience. (:

Tower of Heaven was originally released as a Windows only downloadable back in 2009 and it was created by a group of hobbyists who enjoyed making games for fun. A couple of months ago these guys contacted me about publishing the flash version of the game and I instantly accepted their offer. I assigned the task to one of the best programmers from my group, Stefan Jeremic, and the flash version was done in less than a couple of weeks! Flashygoodness, who originally composed that awesome music for the game, took the flash version a step further by adding things like level creator, secrets and secret endings! And finally, thanks to awesome Tom Fulp of the Newgrounds thanks to whom we managed to make this possible! Thanks Tom!

Currently we have another game lined up for publishing on Newgrounds and it's in the similar style as Tower of Heaven! The game is currently only available on Bored.com but will come to Newgrounds sometime next week! Until then go play it with achievements on www.Bored.com!


In Kyle's words:

"In a dark mysterious world only one voice is trying to guide you to safety, or is it? It's time to make your escape but can you trust the person that is trying to help? Not everything is what it seems. Journey through 30 different levels and escape from the cage."

Thanks everyone for lovely feedback on Tower of Heaven again!



Tower of Heaven impressions and new game: Depict1

Comments (7)

Very nice! I think I liked Tower of Heaven just a bit more than Depict1 - something about defying "god" and overcoming adversity (i.e., survival, despite more and more rules being added) as opposed to just ignoring the guidance of a mysterious entity. Although Ending #2 in Depict1 was really satisfying to achieve.

I look forward to seeing this game come to NG soon. :)

Thanks for the insight! (:

Looking forward to this game's release on this site as well! :)

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check it out :D

I can't believe it! I played Tower of Heaven Game Maker version on yoyo a whiiiiile ago, fantastic idea to go flash with it. I'm real happy for you, great work! Also I hope you do well in the indiepub competition n__n

Good game! Im waiting for the Depict 1 to come to Ng!


Depict1 is coming next Wednesday or so (: Was planned to come yesterday, but oh well.

Dude, ToH is a little masterpiece.

Hey, thanks, you should congratulate Flashy and Asciisoft for that though (:

would you add medals in depict1? i´d like so, also i still trying to pass through Tower of Heaven. depic1 is much easier tho´

I would but it's not up to me. I'll have to see with my sponsor, if they allow - yes I'll add medals. (: